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Nordic Rescue SAR Boat



Nordic Rescue SAR Boat is built on  Buster LX hull  and Yamaha VX. 

Yamaha’s revolutionary dual throttle handling creates a safe, fun and intuitive driving experience unlike anything else on the water.


The patented reverse bucket design provides maximum turning thrust, giving drivers of all skill levels the ability to easily maneuver around docks, trailers, and other tight spaces


Nordic Rescue SAR Boat specifications:

Length: 5.13 metres

Weight: fully equipped 640 kg (fuel will be maximum 70 L)

Engine: Yamaha VX engine - 4 valves, 4-cylinder, 1.8 liter High Output, 4-stroke, DOHC
Other: Yamaha's revolutionary RiDE control system. 180HP

Nordic Rescue SAR Boat has been tested and approved both by fire brigades and Swedish Sea Rescue Society

Film Nordic Rescue SAR

Nordic Rescue SAR Boat: In Action

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